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Fine Art Giclée Printing

for artists & photographers

MUSE Fine Art Printing is a digital printing lab with facilities to produce high-quality giclée and archival prints

Fine Art Printing
Highest degree of accuracy, richness of colour and archival quality giclée printing using the latest professional Canon inkjet
Photographic Printing
True colour reproduction on the finest acid-free photographic papers from Hahnemühle and Canson
Bespoke Service
Custom sizes, colour proofs and printing for art exhibitions 
Museum Quality Mounts
100% photo rag, sulphur and lignin-free mounts cut to order

Why Limited Edition Prints? 

Limited vs Open edition:
what do you need to know and consider. 

Limited Edition Prints

In the realm of giclée printing, limited edition prints hold a special place. They are not merely reproductions; they can be original digital creations or traditional artworks translated into digital format for printing. Once this set number is sold, the image is retired, often increasing the value and desirability of these prints. Artists can command higher prices for limited editions and use the scarcity to generate interest.

At MUSE Fine Art, we can produce these prints as needed and provide Certificates of Authenticity, detailing the title, edition size, and other pertinent information. You can opt for different sizes within the declared edition, but these details must be set before selling begins to ensure consistency and credibility. Remember, the limitation applies to the image itself, so all other variations, including artist proofs or special editions, should be declared up-front.


Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints offer the flexibility of unlimited reproductions, making them a versatile choice for artists seeking broader distribution without the confines of a limited series. These prints are perfect for artworks where accessibility and affordability are key, allowing continuous production and sale. Open editions are particularly suited for a wide range of giclée printing applications, from digital art to fine art reproductions.

Practical aspects

Regardless of the edition type, MUSE Fine Art is committed to delivering exceptional quality in every print. We offer the same dedication to quality whichever type of print, providing vibrant, lasting prints for any purpose. If you have questions about setting up limited or open edition giclée prints, or need guidance on any aspect of the process, we are here to help.

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